Audi Field Credential Usage Policies - Standard Operating Procedures


1. Compliance with Policies

  • The credential bearer must comply with all policies, including security, conduct, health and safety policies, and all other policies of Audi Field, as well as all information on the credential itself.
  • These policies are enforced by Audi Field events, operations, and security personnel, as well as their contracted security staff.

2. Wearing Credentials

  • The credential must always be worn in full view while on-site at Audi Field.
  • Staff are mandated to use the designated "Staff Entrance" located at 1st & T Street.
  • Entry via 2nd and T Street is strictly for technical side staff and players on event days.
  • Please refer to Office Entry SOP for additional details.

3. Types of Credentials

  • There are four distinct types of venue credentials, Audi Field credentials and D.C. United credentials, XFL, NWSL.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use D.C. United credentials for an event at Audi Field that is not affiliated with D.C. United.
  • If a non-D.C. United event at Audi Field has their own credentials, staff working that event will receive that specific access; D.C. United credentials will not be permitted.

4. Credentials Request

  • Should an individual require working access to an event they do not possess a full- season credential for, they must request access to the event via their department head at least 72 hours prior to the event.

5. Unauthorized Access

  • Credentials shall not be used to gain unauthorized access to food, drinks (including alcohol), and/or any other benefits from suites or club spaces.
  • Club/Suite food and drinks are for ticketed guests only and are not to be consumed by credentialed staff working an event unless expressly authorized to do so by their Head of Department.
    • Suite and/or Club credential access is not an acceptable substitute for having a ticket to one of these areas.
  • This includes all events taking place at Audi Field.
  • If a staff member violates the regulations, the credentials will be confiscated, and the patron will be escorted out of the restricted area.
    • Staff violating these terms may be subject to additional disciplinary actions

6. Restricted Zones

  • Zones listed on the credential are the only areas accessible during an event.
  • Additional access must be requested in advance and, if approved, a wristband will be issued granting access to a specific area for a specific duration for that event.
  • Alternatively, one may be escorted into another zone by a credentialed user with the proper escort privileges.

7. Escorting Privileges

  • The staff member with escorting privileges must stay with the person/group they are escorting throughout the duration they are in a zone where person/group does not have access.
  • Escorting privileges on the field is severely limited and not permitted after an event.
    • Security may restrict escorting access at other times based on the event.

8. Transfer and Security of Credentials

  • Credentials cannot be sold or transferred.
  • Credentials must not be posted on social media or anywhere publicly online.

9. Legitimate Function

  • This credential is only given to a person who has a legitimate working function at an Audi Field event and is intended for them to perform that function, not to provide access as a spectator.
    • If you have a ticket, you do not need a credential; if you have a credential, you do not need a ticket.
  • Credentials shall not be used to gain access that one otherwise would not have when attending an event in a spectator capacity.
    • This includes both front-of-house and back-of-house areas, meaning a credential cannot be used to take photos and/or seek autographs.
    • All of these terms are available in detail at

10. Non-Compliance and Disciplinary Actions

  • Failure to comply or adhere to these policies may result in the revocation of credential privileges at Audi Field and individuals may be subject to additional disciplinary action.
  • These policies will be enforceable by Audi Field operations and security staff.

The proper use of credentials is essential to maintaining a secure and organized environment during D.C. United matches and Audi Field events. Strict adherence to these policies and procedures is expected from all staff members and serves to protect the safety and integrity of the venue.